Homelessness. Transforming Lives. 

Linking people experiencing homelessness 

with resources to transition off the streets

and into stable housing.


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Our Street Outreach teams seek to identify and engage people living in unsheltered locations, such as cars, parks, abandoned buildings, encampments, and the streets. The Street Outreach teams conduct an assessment of people experiencing homelessness, link them to immediate resources such as mental and physical health services, substance use care, shelters, and housing navigation. We ensure that people’s basic needs are met while supporting them along pathways toward housing stability. These efforts play a critical role within the Bakersfield-Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative system of care designed to reduce and end homelessness.



Housing is the answer to homelessness. Finding a way to get people off the streets and into safe and secure housing continues the process of bringing transformation for people suffering from homelessness. 
Housing navigation connects a homeless individual with a trained staff member to develop a housing plan, address the barriers, acquire documentation, and complete forms required for housing. It also involves a housing search, including attending property-owner meetings, setting appointments, and assisting with paperwork related to housing applications. 



Once clients are placed into housing, our Case Managers provide guidance and support to address issues and help clients stay in their housing. Case Managers offer clients help with furnishing their new homes and ongoing support for the next steps of achieving stability in their lives. Resilience and life transformation include addressing physical, emotional, and medical needs and life skills training. Connecting people to a healthy community is also key to change and spiritual growth. Flood leans on the church community and other resources in Kern County to help restore and transform lives. 



Through community engagement, our goal is to destigmatize homelessness by offering educational experiences that intend to heal and humanize trauma-based adversities that contribute to the human experience of homelessness. We lead volunteer activities that address factors contributing to poverty, homelessness, and litter in our community. We have a mobile community booth stationed at local businesses and churches to educate people on the reality of homelessness in Kern County and to provide opportunities for people to be a part of improving their environment. 


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Client Testimony

“After my house burned down I was left with nothing. Flood found me and helped me get my identity back.”

Jackie, 60