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Contribute to ending homelessness by making a financial contribution or by donating things needed to help those who are struggling with homelessness or who are recovering from homelessness. 

Help with a Move In

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text All of the people we move into housing virtually have nothing to move in with.  No furniture, no beds or bedding, no kitchen supplies, no cleaning supplies, no hygiene .... just the stuff in their backpack or grocery cart.  Moving in is exciting but also challenging.  Flood helps to get people the basic needs.  Click below for list of items needed to help Move Ins.

Donate things for  Move-In

It is also important for people coming out of homelessness to get connected to healthy relationships.  Walking along side a person or family helps them navigate the changes, get encouragement, and learn to form healthy relationships.  Flood looks to individuals, families and small groups to help people settle into their new life.  Volunteer to gives stuff we need and/or volunteer for our Mazzei Project to walk alongside a person or family coming out of homelessness. Check out the document below for more info!

Mazzei Project

Help a person living in homelessness

Flood meets multiple times with a person on the street.  They are often undernourished, thirsty, and lacking healthy hygiene.  Our Outreach Team often hands out drinks, food and hygiene items to help meet their needs.  It helps us make a caring connection.

Flood looks to supporters, families, and small groups to help with needed items for those people suffering from homelessness.  Click below to get a list of items needed that can be donate

Donate things to help people in homelessness

Donate to our Efforts

Why Give?

Flood is a nonprofit agency that depends upon the support of the community to provide homeless individuals and families with tools and education to maintain self-sufficiency. The primary goal is to move people experiencing homelessness from crisis to stability and ultimately to reduce homelessness and transform lives. 

We are committed to using community resources to create the greatest impact and Flood uses a “whatever it takes” approach to move unsheltered individuals and families from the streets to stable housing. Your donations help offset the considerable costs that it takes to provide clothing, food, temporary shelter, housing placement, housing navigation, move-in costs and case-management services.   

All donations remain in our community to help local individuals and families. 

Additionally, Flood makes every effort to respect our donors and their information.

Every gift helps.

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