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Volunteer in the Office

Flood always needs assistance during regular office hours with tasks such as copying forms, filing items, checking the integrity of files, and mail management.  This is a great way to assist Flood if your schedule doesn’t allow you to come in weekly.

Flood greatly appreciates those who volunteer regularly Performing activities such as data entry in a variety of systems, front desk and telephone coverage, putting together displays, and assisting staff as needed.  Your volunteering helps Flood and helps free up the staff’s time to work become more effective and spend more time with clients.

Help Someone Moving Out of Homelessness

All of the people we move into housing virtually have nothing to move in with.  No furniture, no beds or bedding, no kitchen supplies, no cleaning supplies, no hygiene. They move in with just the stuff in their backpack or grocery cart.  Moving in is very exciting but also very challenging.  Flood helps to get people their basic needs.  Flood relies on the help of the community to assist with move ins.

It is also important for people coming out of homelessness to get connected to healthy relationships.  Walking along side a person or family helps them navigate the changes, get encouragement, and learn to form healthy relationships.  Flood looks to individuals, families and small groups to help people settle into their new life.  Volunteer to give stuff that is needed and/or volunteer for the Mazzei Project to walk alongside a person or family coming out of homelessness 

For more information on the Mazzei project, check out the document below or go ahead and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to volunteer.

Mazzei Project

Volunteer with Events and Fundraising

Flood is passionate about helping those struggling with homelessness.  Flood does a great job of working the streets and helping our clients but help is needed to promote and bring awareness to homelessness and to the help that is needed.

Flood is planning events that help raise awareness of homelessness and Flood but also helps the community get involved in the lives of people who have struggled with homelessness as they take steps to recover their lives.  

Flood has depended greatly on grant funding, but donations are needed to provide the support required to assist our outreach efforts and to help with special circumstances that arise with our clients.  

Flood needs people who are willing to help with events, event planning and fundraising.  Flood needs people who can help lead efforts and people who can help with the prep and execution of events.  

Help us out!  If you are interested contact us by completing the form below.


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