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Cynthia Carroll Success Story

After Cynthia’s mother passed away, a year and half ago, she never imagined she would end up on the streets living in her car for 13 months. After her nephew took possession of her mother’s house she was told she had to leave. She had worked in Rabobank arena as an usher, but due to her arthritis and disability she had to retire. Cynthia had never been homeless in her life. Now she was living in her car and it was an embarrassment for her. She often said to herself “how do I go from having a good life to nothing?” Eventually, the Flood Outreach Team found her sleeping in her car in the Beale Library parking lot. They immediately began helping her to receive needed services and access to stable housing. With all of the hardship Cynthia was living through she continued to work with our Street Outreach teams and in May of 2020, she received her voucher! Shortly after she became housed in this beautiful apartment where she now calls home. Her future goals are to become an interior designer and to buy a house and decorate it from top to bottom. Asked about the advice she would give to people living on the streets, Cynthia said it would be to “never give up.” There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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