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Volunteer – join with Flood in reducing homelessness and transforming lives!

Volunteers are the heart of Flood!  Individuals and groups can serve weekly, monthly, or as able.  You can be part of what God is doing to flood our community with the love of Jesus.  Consider the volunteer opportunities below to get involved today!  Questions??  Please email the contact person listed.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.  Youth groups need to be accompanied by an appropriate number of supervising adults.


General Office Work – Low commitment

We always need assistance during regular office hours with tasks such as copying forms, filing items, checking the integrity of files, and mail management.  Come help us!  This is a great way to assist Flood if your schedule doesn’t allow you to come in weekly.

Email volunteer@floodbako.com

Office Work – Weekly commitment

We greatly appreciate those who volunteer regularly with us doing activities such as data entry in a variety of systems, front desk and telephone coverage, putting together displays, and assisting staff as needed.  Your volunteering helps free up the staff’s time to work directly with clients.

Email volunteer@floodbako.com


Prayer Support

Flood is so thankful for those who lift this ministry before His throne.  Please check our Facebook page, Flood Bakersfield, to keep up to date with the ministry.

Christmas Tree Lot – Seasonal

This is Flood’s largest fundraiser and there is a lot to do, from getting the physical site set up and ready to sales and the final take down.   Volunteering at the tree lot is a great holiday tradition to establish whether it’s with family or friends.  Check back closer to the season for more information on the Tree Lot webpage on our website and Flood’s Facebook page.

Donations Drive

We greatly appreciate those individuals and groups who organize and host donation drives on behalf of those served by Flood.   Whether a large drive at a church or place of employment, or a small one among a community group or a group of friends, the donation of new and/or used items  is not just appreciated but helpful.   Have a look at the donations page for the list of new and used items that Flood accepts and then contact us so we can assist you in planning and executing your drive.

Email volunteer@floodbako.com


Mazzei Project

The Mazzei Project is the best opportunity for a small group to make a difference in the life of someone moved into housing.   Small groups can participate in move-in celebrations, offer help with life skills, be a friend and involve them in healthy relationships.  We will help you get started and coach you through the process.  Help someone coming off the streets with the transition to healthy living and healthy relationships.   For more information and to sign up please email mazzei@floodbako.com.


Park 20 Friday Night Live –  Monthly commitment

Churches, small groups or families are needed to serve dinner Friday evening at a housing complex for formerly homeless individuals. This is a great opportunity for 3-12 people to serve dinner followed by an activity, a time of worship or a message. Ideally, these volunteers return each month so that long term relationships can develop and deepen. Groups should have 3-12 volunteers.

Email Shelia@floodbako.com

Moving Team

Enjoy some physical activity??  Have a van or truck??  When clients are housed, our staff appreciates assistance with picking up and moving appliances and furniture into the housing unit.  It is extremely rewarding to help change an empty space into a home!

Email Richard@floodbako.com

Move In Celebrations

Prepare a celebration for a person or family transitioning out of homelessness.  This includes a homemade door sign welcoming them home, the 1st meal they will eat in their new home, a few balloons and some cupcakes.  It is great if you could also do a collection drive among your friends and family to secure some of the items, new and used, that a newly housed person needs.  A long term relationship may develop!

Email Denise@floodbako.com

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