YES!! I want to support reducing homelessness and transforming lives!

There is a continual need for your financial and in-kind donations which are tax-deductible.  Flood depends on your support to fill crucial service gaps which grants and contracts do not provide.  Your generous support opens the door for our participants to recieve vital resources such recieving vital documents, service that lead to stability and also  move in necessities. Your contribution helps to reduce homelessness and transform lives. These donations enable Flood to provide items and services not covered by grants.  The funding to provide long term support of each family and individual housed by Flood must be raised from our faithful supporters.

To make an online donation, please click on the link below.

If donating by check, please make checks payable to Flood Bakersfield Ministries and mail to 1830 Truxtun Ave.  , Suite 210, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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For a list of items, new and used, that Flood accepts, see the Excel spreadsheet or tables below



For a newly housed former homeless person the simple pleasures of a making meal in their own home and sitting down at a table to eat is a wonderful experience.   While moving into their own home is a fulfillment of a long held desire for the homeless, it is expensive to transition from homelessness to housing.   Your donation of funds, or items listed below can help.
If you see an item listed has a strike-through it, we have enough for current needs.
While we appreciate those that are able to purchase and provide everything listed under a category, Flood is thankful for even the smallest donation.
Please call the office (661 323 5663) to let us know what you wish to donate and arrange a time to drop off the items.

Consumable Items

Quantities are based on sizes found at normal grocery stores.  Please avoid purchasing large quanitly cans etc from wholesale stores.  Cases of grocery store size cans are welcome.


Quantity   Item
2   Canned Spaghetti Sauce
2   Spaghetti Noodles
1   Box Instant Rice
4   Canned Entrees (chili, ravioli, baked beans, sloppy Joe
2   Canned Meats (chicken, tuna, etc)
1   Box of Instant Oatmeal  individual packs OR Box of Breakfast Cereal Bars
1   Tea, box of
1   Instant Coffee
1   Powdered Coffee Creamer
4   Canned Vegetables
4   Canned Fruit
2   Mac N’ Cheese or similar type item
1   Powdered Drink Mix (Kool Aid, Crystal Light,)
1   Sugar (small bag) for use in tea/coffee
1   Peanut Butter

Hygiene Supplies

Quantity   Item
1   Toilet Paper, pack
1   Shampoo
1   Conditioner
1   Toothbrush
1   Toothpaste
1   Comb
1   Hairbrush
1   Body Lotion
1   Deodorant
1   Razors, pack of disposable
1   Lip Balm
1   Tampons, box of
1   Feminine Pads, box of
1   Soap

Cleaning Supplies

Quantity   Item
1   Glass/Window cleaner
1   Dish Soap
1   Powdered Cleaner (Ajax type)
1   All Purpose Cleaner
1   Dry Laundry Detergent

Pet Supplies

Providing for the needs of a homeless person’s pet is one way Flood’s Street Outreach Workers can begin to establish a relationship with a homeless person.    The 10 lb bag of dog food will be divided into quart-size Ziploc-style bags that the Street Outreach Workers carry with them along with a few dog treats.
Quantity   Item
1   dog food, 10 lbs
4   quart size Ziploc-style bags, box of
3   dog treats
10   leashes
10   collars of various sizes

Transportation Needs

Street Outreach Workers provide single use bus passes to those mobile enough to use the bus to visit medical facilities for treatment and government agencies to apply for the necessary vital documents (birth certificate, government issued ID, SSN card etc) needed to apply for housing.
    Single use bus passes

Move In Kits

Flood provides various Move-In Kits to those being housed if supplies allow.  Your donations help keep our cupboards full and enable the need to be met.

Move In Kit – Kitchen

Quantity Gently Used Accepted  
1   Mop (please, none that require replacement heads)
1   Broom
1   Dust Pan
1 yes Vacuum Cleaner
1   Laundry Basket
1 yes Pot, small
1 yes Pot, medium
1 yes Fry pan, small
1 yes Fry pan, medium
1 yes Can opener
  yes Silverware Set for 4
  yes Dishes for 4 (dinner plates, bowls)
4 yes Coffee Cups
4 yes Glasses
2 yes Large serving bowls
  yes Cooking utensils (large spoons, spatula, flipper)
2   Dish cloths
2   Dish Towel
1 yes Toaster
1 yes Coffee Maker/Pot

Move In Kit – Bedding/Bath

Quantity Used Accepted  
1   Pillow
2 yes Pillow Cases
2 yes Bedding, Twin or double fitted and flat sheets
1 yes Blanket, Twin or double
1 yes Bed Spread/Comforter, Twin or double (Bed in a Bag sets are great)
2 yes Facecloths
2 yes Hand towels
2 yes Bath towels
1   Shower Curtain
1 yes Shower Rod
1   Bath Mat
10 yes Clothes Hangers


Quantity Used Accepted  
  yes Couch
  yes Chairs, family room
  yes Television
  yes Converter Box
  yes Antenna
  yes Radio
  yes Bookshelves
  yes End tables
  yes Chairs, kitchen
  yes Kitchen table
  yes Dresser
  yes Household Decorations
  no Mattresses, NEW Twin or Double