What We Do – The Process

Life transformation is the goal of every interaction with an individual encountering Flood Bakersfield Ministries.

Street Outreach

Flood specializes in reaching the most vulnerable homeless, who often are unable to secure the assistance they need on their own due to circumstances that include health concerns, physical disabilities, substance abuse, and mental illness.  This is largely done on foot by frequenting places where the homeless commonly congregate and live.  Street Outreach Workers aim to build meaningful and trusting relationships over time with those they meet. This enables the individual, with the necessary assistance from their Street Outreach Worker, to link to resources and, for some, to progress to the point of being ready to be housed.  Flood is skilled in the area of street outreach, seeking out the homeless both in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County.


Housing Specialist

Once a clear path to housing is identified, a Housing Placement Specialist advocates to obtain suitable housing. Flood, in partnership with private donors and community resources, obtains and delivers, as available, furnishings, appliances and household goods to those transitioning from homelessness to housing.  Housing Placement Specialists provide linkage to community resources including health care, behavioral health services and life skills groups. Through regular home visits, needs are accessed and plans developed to address them.

Flood aspires to equip each individual with life skills to ensure that they remain stably housed.


Reducing Homelessness…Transforming Lives.