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No Community Center, Now What?

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Thank you to all who have volunteered at the California Avenue Veterans Hall over the past five years and participated in its renovation. We are so grateful for your steadfast support and service.

So, you heard that Flood Bakersfield closed its Community Outreach center, but you still want to help Flood impact lives in Bakersfield. What can you do?

Flood has 500 participants in housing (over 280 households) that need long term advocacy and support. In addition, we continue to place families and individuals in permanent supportive housing.  This is where the opportunity for long term relationships really deepens. We are asking volunteers that have traditionally served at the Saturday celebrations to consider sharing life with our housed clients that have transitioned out of homelessness.

Some ways to serve are:

  1. Serving a meal and sharing conversation on a certain night with a small group of residents  (perfect for a family)
  2. Participating in delivery of groceries to our housed residents including prayer and a visit. (Home Teams)
  3. Churches or small groups serving a meal to one of our larger complexes including worship and a message. (Celebrations)

The George family serves up “family dinner” at a local apartment
complex where Flood has several residents.

Calvary Bible serving up Chick-Fila and leading worship at
Green Gardens.

“To say simply it was not what we expected or – it was more than we expected, would fail to communicate the remarkable evening we spent at Green Gardens. The change of focus from finding and rescuing homeless people, to meeting and celebrating their success at finding shelter and living a better life was a GREAT idea. Janice and I were blessed brilliantly last Friday night and would like to thank those who had the wisdom to shift the way we work with Flood.” ~ Calvary Bible Volunteer

Learn more about these new opportunities by contacting Flood!

Thank you!