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1,000 Bag Goal

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Celebrate our 1000th person housed by helping Flood collect 1000 grocery bags from community members.  Please fill the full size brown grocery bag with:

1 Canned Meat-Pop top (for example 2 Vienna Sausage or 1 SPAM)
1 Can Fruit – Pop top
1 Top Ramen
1 Cup O Noodles
1 Small Jar of Peanut Butter
1 Box of Crackers
1 Box Cereal Bars (not Granola)
1 Canned Entrée (For example Ravioli or Chili, pop top)

Decorate bottom ¾ of bag with scripture or picture. As you are assembling the food pack, please place the box of crackers at the bottom of the bag.  

Bring to Flood at 3509 Union Ave. M-Th 9 am-5 pm.