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Reducing Homelessness

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Amanda and her four beautiful children are among the hundreds whom Flood has helped make the transition from homelessness.

Before lasting life transformation can take place, one’s life circumstances have to change.

Building Lasting Relationships is Key

Providing numerous opportunities to gather regularly enables Flood to touch many individuals 2-3 times a week. Such opportunities are chronicled throughout this web site. Our consistent presence in the community allows individuals to rebuild structure in their life and, for many, to begin the transition from homelessness.

For many whom we’ve helped find housing, we first made contact with them through our Saturday outreach, Community Celebrations. Still others receive housing supportive services through Flood’s administrative office. In all cases, our philosophy is to share the love of Jesus with everyone we contact. Through this, and by implemented models of service that have proven successful in other cities in the nation, Flood is striving to end homelessness in Bakersfield. While ending homelessnss may sound incredible, we believe it can become a reality. It can’t happen, however, without the community’s support through prayer, finances and volunteerism.